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Drop by Chaturbate adult cam and you'll be reeled in by the stunning ladies and totally free naked cams. Usually in the adult webcam world the term "free" means you can sign up without paying, like in bongacams and webcams,  and then just pay the nude camgirls for their time, but really does have free webcam sex chat rooms where you can fuck the horny women until you drop without paying one single penny or peso or lira or whichever currency you happen to be working with. Sounds too sweet to be real, right? Well, this site also has some disadvantages. Chaturbate has many clone sites, for example - Chattercams. Read through my review and you'll know everything you need. Don't forget to follow chaturbate credits too.



Chaturbate has live free cams in the full sense of the word. You don't need to pay in order to use the site, have webcam sex or even to have filthy wild webcam sex. You simply sign up and get going. There is more though. If you can relate to your inner exhibitionist, or if you just like to show off, you can even make cash on this site. Any user can broadcast sexcam feed and win camgirls money. True, I am sure that most of you are too fucking ugly to be adult cam models, but hey - the fetish chat rooms always have at least a few crazy pervs who'd love what you have to offer.

Private chats do cost, and the price range is between 6 and 90 tokens per minute, a tag which is mennt to confuse I suppose, because tokens vary in cost according to how many of them you ourchase at once. Smaller packages come out to about 10 tokens per dollar though, so private chats begin at 1.99 or so a minute and that isn't bad. Too complex math for ya? That's what calculators are for.

Number Of Hosts

Here comes the downside. There are very few performers online. This is what happens when you use amateurs and don't pay the naked babes enough. What can I say? Most women aren't eager to strip on live free sex cams and would prefer stripping while getting paid. However, there are always a few dozens of relatively appealing women who are online and considering the site offers totally free naked cams, I really don't think any of you assholes should be complaining.

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Boobs, tattoos and lots of lube. That just about sums up Eva777. This horny slut loves getting it on with her sex toys in adult webcam shows, and will put them anywhere you want. Take the lead or let her show you the way...all the way to one of the best lays you've ever had.

Top Promotion

There are two promotions worth mentioning on, which is a lot considering you don't need to pay anything on this site. First, there is the $11,000 given by the site each month for the most popular cams, which are selected on an hourly basis, so basically anyone can win. The second promotion? All you can handle free webcam sex chat of course.

Types Of Membership

There are 2 kinds of membership on Chaturbate. Unregistered users can look around, but are fairly limited in what they can do. Fairly is not a gay word. It means "kinda" you dimwits. Sometimes I wonder why I'm wasting my time on you. Anyway, here are your membership options:

  • Basic Membership - There is no need to think twice about signing up of course because the membership is free and with no strings attached - just like I want my nude ladies to be. The basic membership on gives you unlimited free sex chatting, text chats, naked shows, broadcasting option, access to message boards and obviously the use of most available features. What don't you get? Read on.
  • Supporter Membership - refers to the premium membership as "becoming a supporter", so you feel like you're donating to fucking charity instead of paying a monthly fee to see babes eat pussy and suck cock. This costs $19.95 per month a buys you a full-screen mode which is, I am sure you'll agree, quite necessary to enjoy all those boobs and asses. It also means you won't see any ads, and that is a priceless addition that I have rarely seen on any other adult cam site.

Special Features

Now I would have thought that a webcam sex site that is totally free won't have all that many cool features, but is just the opposite. It is full of features and some are exclusive and fun. Yes, I know. The best thing on adult cams is to watch nude women on live free cams, but a guy has got to do something with himself between orgasms, right? So, here are a few fun options you'll encounter online, on top of the usual ones that any cam site has like Cam2Cam and screen modes.

  • Camgirl Galleries – and I don't mean some prudent pics. These photos feature proper wet pussies and hard nipples.
  • Cam Girl Location – Which country or state she's from – sometime even city. This is helpful for those of you who want to fantasize about being able to meet the beautiful women you see online, as if you actually stand a fighting chance. Well, there's nothing wrong with dreaming though.
  • Message Board – Where all the horny users can chat with each other, which I never do because, come one, why would I care what other guys think, or with the cam babes, which I always enjoy doing, since I like to see how spicy the dish is before I take a bite.
  • See Who's Watching the Same Show in adult web cams  – I don't quite get this one. I mean – why should I care which horny, wet-palmed men are checking out the same camgirl as I am? I like to pretend I am all alone in the chat room, thank you.
  • Sexcam Blogs – These includes sexy stories, usually about free naked cams and experiences the women had on them. Yes, I am aware that you don't read words that have more than 2 syllables, but after you take a look at what these horny hotties have to share, you just may become a proper bookworm., only with a computer instead of a book and some lube instead of glasses.
  • Broadcast Your Sexcam Feed - I ain't gonna waste anymore time talking about this. If you still don't know what it is, you either have the memory of a goldfish or you haven't read my review and just scrolled down. Go up and reread. There will be a test.

Site Navigation

As you may have noticed, I have mostly good things to say about this sexy cam sites and this area is no different. Navigating through is so easy that even you dimwits could probably manage it. There are a lot of things happening on this site though, so you may need a visit or two to get to try everything. My suggestion is: Don't rush it. Learn the features a bit and go through the different areas – boards, blogs, porn chat rooms – and you won't have any trouble.