Making Money as a Cam Girl


Introduction on cam girls:



Sex cam sites are those sites where users have to register themselves and then pay for all their cam sex activities. They can hire any model as per their wish and watch them do various sexual things for them on a web cam. There are a lot of such sites but there are a few sites that are extremely successful. These sites feature some of the top models and stars who are expert models in this field. Cam girls are those girls who get paid for whatever they do in front of their web cam that is live streaming for a lot of viewers. These cam girls take up this profession as a source to earn money for a decent lifestyle and this work undoubtedly pays them well enough. But the real question is which sites actually pay really good and how much do these cam girls make out of this profession.


best sex cam sites

Best cam sites to make money:

While selection of a cam site to earn money, cam girls must take care of a lot of things like authenticity of the site, number of daily visitors, the pay range, the category in which the site features the girls, etc. If a person happens to search on the internet about sex cam sites, then he would probably get hundreds of such websites featuring a lot of models daily. Some of the best cam girl sites to make money are:


making money as a cam girl

  1. ImLive: ImLive is one of the most interesting web cam sites and is always on the top of the list of the best cam girl sites to make money. They have a lot of promotions and offers for their registered members. This has eventually lead to the growth in their number of users in the last few years. ImLive has everything a user would ever want on a cam site. This site features a thousands of models everyday and hence it’s a regular source of income for the cam girls. The daily visitors are huge in number leading to enough of work for every model. Also, the site is known for paying really good to the cam girls. ImLive is definitely one of the best cam girl sites to work with and gain money.
  2. Chaturbate: Chaturbate is another great cam site that has a lot of registered visitors and makes a lot of money daily. It has a lot of good features like HD cams used by models for longer time periods and free chats. The user support they provide is really incredible and this site is good for users as well as models. Cam girls get absolute job security and the percent of pay is quite good.
  3. MyFreeCams: MyFreeCams is considered as an amazing cam site as it has a search engine to allow the users filter through what they exactly want. This site too has thousands of models and provides work to them on a daily basis which is good for them.
  4. LiveJasmin: This site gives a tough competition to all the other sites and has proved to stand strong in the field of cam sites. It is among the first sites to introduce face to face HD webcams. The models featured on this site get a very high percent of their total income and this makes it a good site for the cam girls to work with.


How to make money as a cam girl?

There are many answers to the question of how to make money as a cam girl. Cam girls obviously do need to have a good body and a sexual appeal to get in this work. Along with this, if the model applies a few tricks, then she will definitely be able to earn a lot by way of cam sites. Some of the methods are:

  • Arrange for a high speed internet: A high speed internet connection is very important in this work. If the video resolution is low, then probably the viewers would never return back. Everyone wants a good return for their money and hence the cam girl must have a strong Internet connection to provide the best she can.

Make Money as a Cam Girl

  • Being attractive: A cam girl can eventually increase her visitors and earn really well if she levels up her attractiveness. This can be done either by dressing up well or by adding up to the makeup skills or anything else. A lot of people are attracted to good looking models and so it is very important for the cam girls to make themselves look brilliant on screen.
  • Devote more time: Most cam sites pay on the basis of time spent by the cam girl. Devoting more hours a day on this work can help the girls fetch a decent amount monthly. Staying online for a long period of time not only helps the cam girls get more viewers and ultimately more money, but will also let the cam girls know about the peak hours.
  • Maintaining the quality of the show: If you are wondering as to how to make money as a cam girl, then the first answer should be by having a high quality performance for the viewers. The more uncommon things the cam girls perform, the more money they get. The attitude of the cam girl should be fun loving and positive in order to keep the viewers entertained and earn some money through it.


make money on sex camsHow much money do cam girls make

How much money do cam girls make depends on a lot of factors like regular visitors of the cam girl, the site’s policies and the time given by her. Usually, the users have to pay separately for each cam show performed for them. Popular cam sites gives complete freedom to the cam girls to charge whatever they wish and at whatever basis they want. The more the popularity of the cam girl, the more and more she earns and the income differs from girl to girl.

The top cam girls can easily earn $50,000 to $60,000 every month. How much money do cam girls make also depends on the work experience of the girls. To earn this much, these girls need to be excellent and should be working on a full time basis. On an average, cam girls earn around $300 to as much as $1000 every day by working around 5 hours daily. The models can charge extra money for fulfilling uncommon fetishes and desires as well as for longer webcam periods. The income of these cam girls is regular and they all earn pretty good if they are featured on the top cam sites.